The Kupuna Council (KC) of the the Aloha Aina Party (AAP) is a high-level advisory body.  As kupuna, the manaʻo of the KC will carry great mana.  The KC is specifically tasked to ensure that the AAP remains a culture based and culturally competent organization.  However, the KC will not be limited to issues of cultural competence only.  The KC may share guidance and recommendations regarding any aspect of the AAP, including planning, policy, and procedures. 

Our ancestors referred to councils such as the KC as aha.  Aha is the process of making aho (thread or line) out of the bark of the olona shrub.  This line was meticulously braiding into cordage and rope.  Metaphorically, our ancestors associated individuals who came together to intertwine, and weave their knowledge, experience, and wisdom, to address issues and formulate solutions as aha, the braiding of a strong and useful rope. 

It is our hope that the AAP Kanaka Council, like a strong rope, will provide good mana'o that will benefit the AAP and ultimately Kanaka, Aina, and Lahui.


Kaleopono Norris - Chair
Chief Kenny Frost

Skylane Ishibashi

Maxine Kahaulelio "Aunty Mack"

Nawahine Kaho‘opi‘i

Kahuna Pahia
Sylvia Krewson-Reck
Puanani Rogers

Mai Kūpuna Mai
Generation to Generation

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