Who are the FACES of  the Aloha ʻĀina Party?
They are the young and not so young, the rich and poor, the male, female, and LGBTQ.  They are the laborer and professional.  They are those who believe in God, Buddha, Mohammed, the gods and goddesses of the Hawaiian religion as well as those who do not worship.  They are the Native Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals, and everyone else who love Hawaii and now call this special place Home.  
Jacqueline "Skylark" Rossetti

(Skylark passed March 20, 2019, but she is very much still with us.)

Jacqueline “Skylark” Rossetti has spent more than 40 years in the broadcast media and is known as the Honolulu Skylark, a name synonymous with Hawaiian radio.  She is Co–founder of the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, Hawai‘i’s version of the Grammy Awards. She has produced and promoted major shows for Aloha Festivals, the County of Honolulu and Hawai‘i County as well as events for several other organizations.  She has hosted the Merrie Monarch Festival for over 35 years and has served on several non-profit boards offering guidance and direction.

Skylark was recognized as Outstanding Hawaiian Woman of the Year in 1984, Broadcaster of the Year in 1991, and a Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner in 1993 and 1996 and in 2010 received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts.  She has produced several award winning radio and television programs promoting Hawai‘i and its music and has hosted Na ‘Oiwi ‘Olino a statewide morning radio show.

It is time for the People of Hawai‘i to unify and rise together.  We need to play in their arena by forming the Aloha ʻĀina Party.  This way we can give the People an alternative with a focus on mālama ka ʻāina.  This way we can ensure for our keiki a Hawai‘i that will perpetuate our Hawaiian lifestyle.​
Mālama Pono

Maxine Kahaulelio, aka Aunty Mack 

Aunty Mack participated in the Kaho‘olawe movement in the early 1970s and spent the next five decades working for the health and wellbeing of Hawai‘i, its lands, and its people.  As a community organizer and Aloha ‘Āina advocate, in the late 1970s she organized for welfare rights and supported communities against evictions in Chinatown, Waiāhole, and Sand Island.  In her demilitarization work she has fought to protect Kaho‘olawe then and Pōhakuloa today.  At 81 years of age, she continues to hold space with other kūpuna on Mauna Kea to protect the Mauna from development.  Note: She was one of 38-kūpuna arrested on July 17, 2019.  She is also one of four women featured in the book Nā Wāhine Koa: Hawaiian Women for Sovereignty and Demilitarization by Noelani Goodyear-Ka‘ōpua, Universsity of Hawai‘i Press.

I am grateful to the Aloha ‘Āina Party for working to give the People a pono political party option.  An option that will be Pro-People, Pro-‘Āina, Pro-Transparency & Accountability, and Pro-Sovereignty.

As a People we must vote so we can have a voice.  We must vote the bad out and the pono in.  Only then can we huli the corruption that is prevalent in government today.

Enough is enough, we need to stand up, engage in the political process, vote, kūʻē, and holomua.  We must do this for the People, for the ‘Āina, for the ʻŌpio, and for the Lāhui!

Pua Case 

Educator, Kumu, Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, and Mauna Kea Advocate

We endorse and support the Aloha ʻĀina Party and invite all of you to do the same.  The time is now and we are in this because we believe in Political Activism!  I'm voting this year with the mission to cause change from the inside because we are working too hard from the outside.  This is the time for us to get to the polls, cast our vote with our beloved Hawaiʻi in mind from our sacred mountains to the deep sea.  There will never be a last Aloha ʻĀina. 


We are in this and we are a mighty force.  Kapu Aloha is my guide, Mauna Kea is my leader, and PONO is my action!  I am ready to stand with my Lāhui and change a political system that for the most part is not working for us.  I'm standing on the foundation set by the past generations, for this generation, and the generations to come.  Today we are at a time and place that we must act and cause change, we simply have to!

Love you all,
Pua Case
Flores - Case ʻOhana    

Lori Halemano

Aloha ʻĀina Advocate, Lori was arrested on June 24, 2015 for advocating for the protection of Mauna Kea from desecration.  Mauna Kea is considered by many as one of the most sacred sites in Hawaii and the entire pacific.  She currently works for a Native Hawaiian owned organization, as a Project Manager.  Her work is aligned with her passion to mālama ka ‘āina (care for the land).  Her responsibility entails remediation work, coordinating the removal of unexploded military ordnances from every major Hawaiian Island with the exception of Kahoʻolawe.

I support the Aloha ʻĀina Party and its mission.  It’s time for change, time to overhaul politics as usual and fill seats with Representatives who will truely focus on the people of Hawaiʻi and what is in our best interest.  We, the people of Hawaiʻi have the opportunity to elect Representatives who have pono intentions and rid the Legislature of those who have hidden agendas.  The time to take action is NOW, put an end to political corruption!

I am 46 years old and this is the first time that I have decided to vote.  Like many others, I too, had the mentality that voting would be a waste of my time because of my perception that most Politicians are corrupt.  I felt that my vote wouldn’t make a difference, that my voice wouldn’t matter.  The Aloha ʻĀina Party has changed my thought on this, I now feel that it’s worth my time to vote, I now have hope!  

I refuse to be one of those who choose not to vote, yet sit on the sidelines complaining about all the wrongdoings.  No more sitting around, no more complaining, no more wasting time.  I’m choosing to take action, to have my voice count, to assist in providing a better Hawaiʻi for you, me, and our future generations!  If we don’t stand up and do something, how can we expect change to happen?  “Stand for something, or fall for anything”.  Let’s not remain complacent, let’s holomua kākou!

Aloha ʻĀina Oiaʻiʻo!

Joshua Lanakila Mangauil

Educator, Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, and Mauna Kea Advocate

It is time to take up arms, not actual weapons, but battle through diplomacy for the noble cause.  Like many in Hawaiʻi and throughout the U.S., I know of the heavy corruption the government is laced with.  Here in Hawaiʻi the very government that dictates our lives is not even legal, some would call it a "Fake State".  I have come to the realization that it is very Real, it may not be just, it may not even be legal, but it is a very real adversary to us all.  I have always hesitated to engage, but still did so only to be greatly disappointed most of the times. 

But, it’s time to engage with a new voice!  The Aloha ʻĀina Party petition is to show your support for a new voice to have a platform in the political arena in Hawaiʻi.  This is not to register in this party or denounce your current standing, but only to show that you support the effort to create a new voice (political party).

I fully support the vision of the Aloha ʻĀina Party.  For myself I do this to begin a proactive approach to the many issues we face here in Hawaiʻi.  I see that under the current government, the rights of the health and safety of our ʻāina is not a priority, but merely an expendable asset.  The current parties are constantly inundated and influenced by corporate lobbyists that put profit gain over the rights and health of the people. 

We need a shift!  I feel this is a strong step to get our voices heard even stronger!  
Register to vote and sign this Petition!

Aloha ʻĀina no na kau a kau!

Ana Nawahine-Kahoʻopiʻi

Healer, Kumu Hula, Political Activist

One of the 38-kūpuna arrested on Mauna Kea, July 17, 2019

I wholeheartedly endorse the Aloha ʻĀina Party and strongly encourage those who love our land and people to do the same.  We are in a time of profound change and spiritual awakening. The Aloha ʻĀina Party has the depth and commitment to support these powerful changes.


The current political structure has been solely responsible for pillaging and plundering the wealth and well-being of our Lāhui. This needs to stop if we are to not only survive but to thrive.  The Aloha ʻĀina Party provides a platform in the political arena in Hawaiʻi and a way to restore righteousness.


Ana Nawahine-Kahoʻopiʻi

Kahoʻopiʻi Nawahine ʻOhana

Kaukaohu Wahilani

Husband, Father, Kalo Farmer, Entertainer, Community Organizer, and Aloha ‘Āina Advocate.

Our kūpuna (elders) have paved the way for us by their examples, Mo‘i Wahine Lili‘uokalani, Prince Kūhiō, Robert Wilcox, John Henry Wise, and many others.  After the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i and subsequent Annexation, our kūpuna were not crushed and defeated.  Instead, they engaged in political activism, they recognized the power of the vote as a means to benefit the Lāhui.

Today, I stand, voice, and act to kāko‘o the many good works of my kūpuna who have passed, as well as the keiki, ōpio, makua, and kūpuna of today.  Today, I kūʻē for the benefit of not only Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians), but for na po‘e o Hawai‘i (for all the people of Hawaii).  In my na‘au, I believe, to truly love Hawai‘i you must embrace the Hawaiian people and culture, embrace the ‘ike (wisdom) of the kūpuna, and take care of the environment,

I fully endorse the Aloha ‘Āina Party and its efforts to bring pono back to politics and government, to Aloha the People, to Mālama the ‘Āina, to Advocate for government Accountability and Transparency, and to address the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i.

Holomua Lāhui Hawai‘i ā me Aloha Aina Party!

A Movement Powered by Aloha
Elijah Kalā McShane

Educator, Cultural Advocate, Motivational Speaker, and Innovative Entrepreneur

I, Elijah Kalā McShane, fully endorse the Aloha ‘Āina Party for very important reasons. One of the main reasons being to shift the political consciousness within our islands to one that is focused on the true well being of our place, our people, and our cultures.  


Hawaii for too long has been placed as a second priority due to foreign interest and corporate expansion. This type of ideology has led to the near destruction of many parts of Hawaii and must be monitored in a way that will allow growth and economic development without jeopardizing our natural habitats, our oceans, our streams, our mountains, and most importantly our cultures and people. 


I am supporting the Aloha ‘Āina Party because the vision that has been passed down from Joseph Nāwahi, James Kaulia, and the many Aloha ‘Āina of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, has inspired a new wave of Kānaka, Hawaiian Nationals, and children of Hawai‘i (from every ethnic background) to stand together once again for a better government, a better life, and a better Hawai‘i for generations to come. 


‘Eō Hawai‘i Pae ‘Āina! Aloha ‘Āina 

Melissa Leina‘ala Ha‘a Moniz

Hawaiian National Advocate, Former Probations Officer State of Hawai'i.

I totally support the ALOHA ʻĀINA PARTY.  We need a seat at the political table representing ourselves, speaking for ourselves. 


Too long discussions over our NATIVE LANDS, RESOURCES and ASSETS have been made without our INFORMED INPUT or CONSENT.  It has always been for the betterment of the general public on the backs of our people.  It does not have to be that way, we Kānaka Maoli have always been INCLUSIVE TO OTHERS.  It would be natural for us to MĀLAMA all who reside in Hawaiʻi.  WE are capable of making decisions that will benefit everyone.


The ALOHA ʻĀINA PARTY can function as PROTECTORS of the HAWAIIAN KINGDOM as things sort out for us in the bigger picture of things.


We need a strong VOICE to protect what is ours.

We need to rebuild TRUST amongst our people and demand TOTAL TRANSPARENCY from the government we are FORCED TO LIVE UNDER.

Follow the lead of our ANCESTORS, fight and huli GOVERNMENT CONTROL over us one step at a time.





Keokani Kipona Marciel

A descendant of Loke Kaʻilikea of Kaupō, Maui, who signed the Palapala Hoʻopiʻi Kūʻē Hoʻohuiʻāina (Petition Against Annexation) in Hāna, 1897.

Aloha ʻĀina Party (AAP) picks up where Kūʻokoa Home Rula (Independent Home Rule Party) left off in 1912.  As far as I know, it is the first time since then, that a political party has existed in occupied Hawaiʻi to offer an alternative to illegal American control of the Hawaiian Islands.  The ongoing Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by the United States is a result of the two historical failures to ratify an annexation treaty in the U.S. Senate.  AAP fills the pivotal role that has been left vacant by Kūʻokoa Home Rula for more than a century.  The goal is the same: regain control of the Hawaiian government through electoral politics.


Founded by three members of the Royal Order of Kamehameha I (ROOKI), the reputation of AAP is bolstered by the auspices of that historical institution.  Hence, AAP provides us with a genealogical link to the founder of our Hawaiian Kingdom that continues to exist despite over a century of prolonged American occupation.  It is an honor to see the initiative spearheaded by these three patriots for Hawaiian independence by working from the inside out.  Hence, it complements the various efforts by our Lāhui to place downward pressure on the Occupation from the outside in. Thus, Hawaiian patriots now have more options along that spectrum, including an alternative to boycotting the voting privilege in the Occupied Kingdom altogether.


The status quo is obviously not working in occupied Hawaiʻi, and AAP recognizes that we must do something different.  The definition of insanity is to repeat the same approaches and expect a different outcome.  To initiate an end to the usurpation of the Hawaiian Kingdom government that commenced with the so-called “Bayonet Constitution” of 1887, we must return to approaches that we were successful with more than a century ago.  AAP presents an opportunity to help bridge the gap from awareness and education, to action.


“E hoʻomalu i ke kūpaʻa no ke aloha i ka ʻāina.”
“Continue to be steadfast in your love for the land.”
(Joseph Kahoʻoluhi Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu, 09/14/1896)


Peter Connolly

Business Owner, Public Speaker, Retirement Adviser, Family man.

It is a privilege for me to endorse the Aloha ʻĀina Party. When I learned about AAP’s vision for a better and brighter Hawaiʻi, and I experienced their values and principles first-hand, I was compelled to act! 
   I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people from all walks of life at the 2019-2020 AAP petition signing events. With everyone's help, they secured enough signatures and they are on their way to becoming an official political party, for ALL the people of Hawaiʻi. Through unity, peace and aloha, the Aloha ʻĀina Party is making a real difference not just in government and policy, but also in the everyday, personal lives of the people.
I support the Aloha ʻĀina Party and its mission—an option that is Pro-People, Pro-‘Āina, Pro-Transparency & Accountability, and Pro-Sovereignty.

Imua Aloha ʻĀina Party, Imua!
Toni Auld Yardley

Kahu at Kanakamaoli Religious Institute.
Descendant of Edwin Auld, one of the four men who delivered the Anti-Annexation Petition (Kūʻē Petition) to Queen Liliuokalani in December 1897, who were in Washington, D.C., lobbying against annexation in the U.S. Senate.

I support the Aloha ʻĀina Party as part of "my following in the footsteps of my ancestors" as a HAWAIIAN NATIONAL PATRIOT.  
My paternal Grandfather Harry Auld was arrested with Prince Kūhiō after the rebellion of 1895; and William Auld, his uncle was the kahu for the 1897 Kūʻē Petition, who delivered it to the U.S. Senate.  I started publishing "The Hawaiian News" on January 17, 1981 and periodically in the 1980's and 1990's.  I made access with the PKO to Kahoʻolawe in 1982; and was part of the process of initiating cultural access on Mokapu in Kaneʻohe to conduct Makahiki ceremonies since 1995.  
I've also been a "Cultural Practitioner" since Halawa Valley, Oʻahu as a "Na Wāhine o Hale o Papa" since 1992; and involved with Historic Preservation since; including Waimea Valley on Oʻahu and Mauna Kea in 1999; and I am very proud to currently be a supporter with KU KIʻAI MAUNA on Mauna Kea and our historic victory and awakening to ALOHA ʻĀINA, which is A CULTURAL VALUE AND A HAWAIIAN NATIONAL PLATFORM.  
Our Nation is ready to rise and we must have representation in the State of Hawaiʻi legislative process and make the changes needed for our future and our children's future and to PRESERVE HAWAIʻI NEI - UA MAU KE EA O KA ʻĀINA I KA PONO.
Keone Nunes

Traditional Hawaiian Master Tattooist and Cultural Practitioner

To be able to speak with authority and make positive changes for all of our people we need a different way of doing things.  Status quo has not been good to us and we cannot afford another generation of the same way of doing things.  It's about time that we have representatives that truly represent who we are, without apology.  The time is here for the Aloha ʻĀina Party, we need to set the foundation so that future generations can build upon it in a positive way for our pae ʻĀina.


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