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Effectuating needed change through the U.S. political process

Its difficult for the People of Hawaiʻi to get 
involved in a political process when they feel government is corrupt, does not represent their 
interest, caters to special interest, and cannot be trusted. 

This is especially true for Native Native Hawaiians who have had their Kingdom stolen, then 
disenfranchised and marginalized as a People in their own land.    

Given the above, it’s no wonder why Hawaiʻi does not engage in the political process.  Hawaiʻi has the lowest voting % in America at 47% (2016). In comparison, Minnesota is the highest at 74.5%.

Unfortunately, Hawaiʻi’s non-voting majority has no representation and no voice.  Politicians simply do not represent non-voters.  This situation fosters and perpetuates inequalities and detriments for the People of Hawaiʻi and especially it’s host culture. 

However, there is a fix.  Instead of not engaging in the Political Process and continuing the status quo.  You can engage, register to vote, and vote for change, together we rise

Choose to Vote, and Vote for Change, in 2020!

It's Time to be in the Tent and at the Table!

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